By Liz Balmaseda
Courtesy of the Palm Beach Post

A good view is lemonade for the eyes. Even if it’s brutally hot outside, a good view will lift you from the swelter.

Whether you’re seated before a dramatic seascape, atop a sweeping veranda or in an intimate courtyard, a view adds a sense of place to your dining experience. Your view drops you in the middle of a certain paradise. That’s the essence of al fresco dining, the sense of place.

Here are some of the best al fresco dining spots from which to view our paradise:

Garden al fresco

Sundy House

When issued its 2016 list for “Best Al fresco Dining Restaurants in America” in May, the online reservation service listed only one Palm Beach County eatery: Sundy House.

The downtown Delray Beach boutique inn and restaurant is in sparkling company. The list, culled from more than 5 million verified-diner reviews of more than 20,000 restaurants across the country, featured spots as breathtaking as Napa Valley’s Auberge du Soleil and Kaupulehu’s (Hawaii) Ulu Ocean Grill.

At Sundy House, diners can enjoy their meal in a lush garden setting that’s punctuated by a wooden veranda, gazebo, statues, pathways and ponds. The place transports you to a gracefully overgrown Old Florida.

Thanks to all the above, Sundy House is popular for brunch, holiday feasts and special events.

Sundy House: 106 S. Swinton, Delray Beach; 561-272-5678;


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