Delray Beach Magazine July/August 2016

WHILE THE DIFFERENCE between winter and summer eating is more pronounced around the rest of the country, Floridians experience a summer­time shift as well.

For starters, we’re more likely to have juicers permanently next to our coffee makers. And that’s how it should be-with our influx of fruit trees and fresh fish, we meringue to a differ­ent beat than the rest of the country. We eat lightly year-round, and seafood is always available.

“In Florida, people like to eat a bit lighter in the summer because we like to look better. I’m not going to put a short rib on the summer menu;’ says Travis Culver, executive chef of Sundy House. “We’ll do lighter starches-quinoa, couscous or rice. And a lot of local ingredients.”

Which is easier for Culver than many other chefs, whose morning inspiration is right outside the kitchen in the sweeping landscape at Sundy House: mangos, papayas, bananas, lychees, jackfruits- and much, much more. This summer, he’s serving up a Chimichurri Grilled Gulf Shrimp with Florida Citrus Salsa, which incorporates fat Gulf shrimp nestled in spicy, aromatic chimichurri with crushed red pepper. The salsa is filled with grape­fruit, oranges and limes and is smoothly balanced by cilantro and olive oil.

“The fruit is in season during summer;” Culver says. “We get fresh Gulf shrimp all the time. It’s light, healthy, leaves room for entrees. People don’t like to eat until they’re stuffed in the summer.”


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