Designed to bear some visual resemblance to the Cenotes of Yucatan, our naturalized swimming pool, containing sweet water (freshwater), is constructed of black marcite, has a roughly cylindrical shape, and is topped by natural limestone boulders, tropical plants overhanging the water, and waterfalls.

The Cenote is a mix of natural and artificial, which together make a balanced aquatic eco-system.  The water is as un-poisoned as that of a natural lake, and it is full of live things, so it may be called a “Living Pool.”

The natural aspects are well water, open sky, encroaching vegetation and scampering lizards, plants in the water, algae and algae-eating fish, beneficial bacteria in the bottom beds of river-rounded gravel, and piles of limestone boulders for fish hideouts.

The artificial aspects are the concrete structure, ultraviolet water-treatment chambers, water re-circulation pump, heating in the winter, and several-times-daily manual labor. No chemicals are added to the pool, not even salt or clarifier— UV-C is a more effective sanitizer than chlorine. The same weekly lab test performed at public beaches is also done at the Cenote.

Beauty-treatment foot exfoliation, performed by Siamese Algae-Eaters, an expensive feature at some avant-guard spas, is included in the room price, and is had by sitting quietly on the edge of the pool deck with one’s feet in the water, as fish, about a dozen per foot, tickle and scrape!  Enjoy.


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