Here at Sundy House, water purity and safety is a big part of our environmental stewardship. We offer our guests Goodwater™ — the purest water in the world. It’s the same water the US presidents drinks.

Goodwater™ is not simply filtered, but purified right here on site through a proprietary process developed to meet the highest standards of the US Secret Service, Department of Defense and State Department. Important things to consider about our nation’s water supply:

Since The Clean Water Act of 1972, 81,000 chemicals have entered the environment. Only six have been targeted to be screened by the EPA, and none since 2000.  In a recent study, 38 toxic substances were found in the top ten bottled water brands. Florida is considered one of the 10 worst states for drinking water quality.  Our HydroSecure™ system removes chemicals, bacteria, viruses, fungi and pollutants from the water. We then add back a small amount of calcium for taste.  Goodwater™ is free of vast amounts of embedded energy found in tap and bottled water.

Current Sundy House owner and avid environmentalist, Mr. Tom Worrell, founded Worrell Water Technologies and has dedicated nearly 15 years in research and development, producing innovative, safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies for water treatment, re-use and security worldwide.

The corporate mission is to re-think and re-build the way the world uses water and to ensure the world’s supply of fresh water is safe, plentiful and secure. Worrell Water Technologies developed several flagship products for use in commercial, governmental and private individual applications across the globe: The Living Machine® is the most reliable, and technologically advanced, ecological system for treating wastewater. HydroSecureTM is an on-site water purification system that offers unparalleled safety and security for your water supply. Curoxin, currently in its final stage of development, will revolutionize the chemical treatment of water, making that process 100%safe and effective, with no harmful impact on the environment.

We invite you to visit these websites to learn more about worldwide water issues from the global community.



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