Sundy House
Catering Events Policies & Procedures


Your function will be confirmed by the Catering Sales Manager as soon as the contract is signed and the
deposit has been received.

Food & Beverage Minimums are required based on date and event size:

The hotel requires a minimum food & beverage revenue for all events. This total excludes state sales tax
(currently 7.0%), service charge of 9% and gratuity (currently 14%), and fees. Additional room rental fee will
apply if the food & beverage minimum required is not met. Each banquet room has a different food &
beverage minimum required based on its capacity.


All food & beverage prices are subject to state sales tax (currently 7.0%) and service charges of 9% and
gratuity (currently 14%). The Sundy House will guarantee your prices 30 days prior to your function.

Payment Information

The signed contract and a non-refundable deposit are required to validate your contract and secure your event
date. Cash, personal check and credit cards are accepted. A valid credit card must be presented to remain on
file. All deposits will be credited toward the final bill. Your advance deposits will not be refunded if the event
should cancel. A payment reflecting 25% of the food and beverage minimum will be due 6 months prior to
the wedding. A payment reflecting 50% of the food and beverage minimum will be due 60 days prior to the
wedding. If your wedding is booked 6 moths or less prior to the event date, the deposit required will be the
percentage of the revenue that corresponds with the period of time when the event is being booked.

Cancellation Policy

If the group must cancel for any reason this agreement, the following cancellation penalty will apply:
Our cancellation policy is as follow:
Signing of contract-180 days prior to event Deposit plus 25% of total estimated revenue
60-179 days prior to event Deposit plus 50% of total estimated revenue
30-59 days prior to event Deposit plus 75% of total estimated revenue
0-29 days prior to event Deposit plus 100% of total estimated revenue

Menu Selection

The complete menu selection, including both food & beverage items, must be confirmed with the Catering
Coordinator no later than 30 days prior to your function. Request for changes made to the menu after this time
cannot be guaranteed.

Entrée Choice Policy:

The following stipulations apply to request for multiple entrées:
• It is possible for you to provide your guests with a choice of entrée in advance. • Multiple Entrees are limited to a choice of two (2) published entrées, a third entrée may be added for
$8.00 per person. • The venue will provide a limited number of vegetarian entrees appropriate to the menu.
• Guarantee of attendance with the breakdown for each entrée is required fourteen (14) business days
prior to the event.
• A form of entrée identification is required at the guest table, i.e. marked place card, colored
ticket or coded nametag.
Sundy House Catering Guidelines 1/3
• If the final entrée count varies more than a 5% of the guarantee count the Sundy House will a
charged the client with the full entree price to cover this purpose.
• All Buffet functions are required to have a minimum of 40 guests. Function less than 30 are subject
to a set-up fee.

Meal Guarantee

Final guarantee count is fourteen (14) business days prior to your scheduled event. (Weddings are 14 days) If
your guarantee is not received, your estimated attendance as listed in the contract will become your guarantee
number and will be charged accordingly. If your actual number of guests exceeds the guaranteed number, you
would be charged for the actual number of guests that attended your event.
State law prohibits any food to be brought into any public area on the premises, including function rooms.
The Sundy House policy does not allow any food items purchased to be taken out of any public function
room on the premises.

Function Rooms Set up Policy

• The function space should be set up and ready to go 30 minutes prior to the event starting time.
• Absolutely nothing is to be hung on the walls or the windows. • And the Sundy House is not responsible for personal items left behind or items left by vendors.
• The Sundy House does not handle the flow of events outside of the ceremony; it is the responsibility of
your DJ/MC to conduct the flow during the reception. A day of planning is required if you have a
wedding of 80 and up.

Room Set-Up

• The Sundy House will provide for your event
• House existing table white linen. • Gift, guest book, and place card table
• White padded folding chairs for the ceremony
• House tables and chairs for the cocktail reception and dinner.
• Sweetheart table for weddings.

Ceremony Space Rental:

• Upper Pond / Pool / Lawn – 950.00 (includes white folding chairs)
• Large Gazebo - $550.00 (standing room only / except for 10 chairs)

Valet Parking Fee:

(Not Optional)
• Guest Count: 40 guest or less - $85 / 41 to 75 guest - $185 / 76 guest to 110 - $275 / 111 and Up

Attendant Fee’s:

• Chef - $150.00 [for two hours, buffet events / action stations, 1 per 50 guest]
• Buffets under 50 guests require a set-up of $250.00
• Bartender - $150.00 [1 per 50 guest]
• Security – Cost based on time length of Event. [required for all Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s]
• Dance Floor - 12’x12’ $220 / 12’x16’ $290 / 12’x20’ $340 / 12’x24’ $410

7.0% state sales tax, 9.0% taxable service charge and 14% gratuity will be added to all attendant and
room rental fees.

Wedding Cake and Specialty Cakes:

Priced to order with cake selection, a $3.50 cake cutting and plating fee, plus tax, gratuity and taxable service
charge, will be assessed if a cake is brought in from an outside vendor.

Private Room Availability:

Must be 20 guest or more, less than 20 guest can book thru the restaurant. [The restaurant can not guarantee
private rooms or which room will be available.]
Sunday Brunch is not available for private party room rentals.

Hours of Operation:

• Lunch / Day Weddings 11:00am – 2:00pm ( time extensions are based on room availability in the
• Dinner / Evening Weddings This time will vary with Daylight & Sunset (start times are based on
availability of other booked events). This time does not include the ceremony time.

Smoking Issues:

The Sundy House maintains a proud environmentally sensitive ecological system in and around the gardens
and grounds. In order to help keep the area clean, we have provided your guest with a smoking area, any guest
refusing to comply with this rule; then you the client of that event will be accessed a $150.00 clean-up fee.
This fee may be applied without consent.

Shipping and Storage:

Any materials shipped to The Sundy House must have prior approval by the Director of Catering or Catering
Sales Manager. Materials shipped may arrive no earlier than one day prior to the event and may not remain on-premises longer than one day after the event date. All materials must bear the name of your group and addressed
to the attention of the Catering Department. Perishable items, flowers, and materials that required special
storage arrangements can only deliver the day of the event. The client is responsible for handling and
setting up the items or materials on the day of the event. The Sundy House accepts no responsibility for items
stored or left on the property.

Security / Outside Vendors:

The Sundy House must have knowledge of all vendors at least 60 days prior to your wedding reception.
These vendors must be licensed and insured. All vendors are guaranteed access to the function room 2 hours
prior to the start of the event. Vendors are required to break down and clean up all their supplies and
accessories at the conclusion of the event. No storage will be provided for left items, and the Sundy House
accepts no responsibility for lost or misplaced items,
The Sundy House reserves the right to require the client to provide security as it deems necessary or
appropriate. The client or their vendors are not allowed to hang anything on the walls, doors, or windows
with nails, staples, or glue. Tenting is permitted, however, you must have your contractor sign off on a
property damage document prior to the event; if this document is not received by the catering manager the
tent contractor will not be permitted on the property